Come Meet Me

You can call me Court. At least that’s what my friends call me and I hope we will be friends by the end of this journey. I’m a twenty year old girl with a heart so full of love for others. Sometimes, that love has gotten me into messy situations, but life is big, and sticky, and cotton candy sweet anyways.

I’m a writer. Writing was kind of thrusted upon me as a coping mechanism and then, once I realized that I controlled my words and they didn’t control me…. I was golden. These words won’t always be pretty, they aren’t a silver platter of metaphors and quick phrases being turned on themselves. They are a rusty metal plate that has heart break and pain notched and etched into the surface. But I promise these words are mine. I promise they are real. I promise this is my heart.

I’m also a child of God. I’m not saying this to make you cringe but instead, that you know every part of me and what drives me  in life. He has literally saved me and his grace is apparent in all of my stories. He is the grand author of my life, I am merely adding subtext.

This blog is going to be my coffee shop and secondhand bookstore. I’ve always wanted to own one of those… my poetry will run down your throat like your favorite order of coffee (mine’s dark roast, double-double) or it will burn you and you’ll be left feeling the pain I first felt. My post will be the novels. Skim through them. Find one you like. Keep it forever and ever. It’s here just for you babycakes.

I hope you’ll be a regular customer here, I can’t wait to meet you all.